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 Valdespartera: Trans Urban book series published by Harvard University's Graduate School of Design.
In the Summer of 2009 a group of Harvard University's Graduate School of Design (GSD) traveled to Spain to document the Eco-city Valdespartera for publication in the TransUrban book series. GSD studied the policies and politics that brought the neighborhood into being as well as the urban, landscape, and architectural techniques used to build it.

 Renaissance final publication
Innovative Buildings for Low-Energy Cities

 Book: "Urbanism and sustainable development in Zaragoza: The Ecocity Valdespartera"
Download through the link below, a technical publication containing a comprehensive summary of the project "Ecocity Valdespartera"

 Valdespartera constructs a water filtration system for control of the zebra mussel
The water filtration system filters any water entering the water intake line through a filter having a largest pore size that is small enough to prevent the passage of an eggs or veliger of Zebra Mussels.

 Valdespartera participates in the European´s Program "CONCERTO"
CONCERTO is a Europe wide initiative, launched by the European Commission.

 Valdespartera, selected in an european program of Sustainable Communities
The European Parliament (EP) Committee on Regional Development encourages all EU Member States to become active in the European Urban Knowledge Network (EUKN). On 2 May 2007 the EP Committee held a public hearing on Sustainable Communities in the European Parliament and explained the most importants lines of Valdespartera.

Ordination Development | Architectural Design | Constructive System 
Ordination Development

- Orientation of the buildings to favor the solar reception.

- Placement of screens in front of the dominantes winds.

- To get punctual micro=climates in private spaces.

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